The Final Echoes

#6 in the Jill Kennedy and DCI Max Trentham series (2017)

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Forensic psychologist Jill Kennedy had planned to spend the evening before her wedding day with her family enjoying a big drink. Or preferably three big drinks. However, all is not well in the sleepy Lancashire village of Kelton Bridge. A young schoolgirl is missing and the girl’s stepfather, a man from Jill’s past, is under suspicion.

Jill’s future husband, Detective Chief Inspector Max Trentham, is on leave, all set to spend the next fortnight enjoying a honeymoon in Venice, and Jill isn’t happy leaving the investigation to Detective Inspector Clinton.

Besides, who can relax when a child is missing?

Jill certainly can’t, especially when it becomes clear that her own life is in danger…

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Shirley Wells 2016